I think it's beautiful when I hear the story of companies that started from a dream. But our case was different. 2008 was a difficult year! Living in São Paulo, we were both unemployed in the middle of a global financial crisis, with a young son and many uncertainties. It was at that time, when many large companies were closing their doors that we had the idea of ​​opening our own company, without references, with little money, we arrived in São Sebastião do Paraíso, we didn't have enough money to pay the rent of the point and the rent of the housing, so for over a year we lived inside the store.

I confess that we thought about giving up, several times when a customer entered the store meant food on the plate that day, until we realized that our way out was to stay and fight. And that's what we did. We specialize in smart car keys, and that's a lot of effort, sweat and investment. clear nights with 24-hour service in order to invest in equipment and courses

Looking back, we realize how important this was for our professional, personal and spiritual growth. We have learned many things in these 15 years, but the biggest lesson is that our life and our efforts are only worth it if we serve someone or serve something, our greatest pride is realizing that our effort contributes to something more important.

Our history